Tiny House on Wheels

All the essential rooms that a normal house would have, you'll find in a Tiny House as well. They are optimized to use as little space as possible.
There are many advantages to living in a Tiny House on wheels, but the biggest one is probably the ability to travel with your home.
A Tiny House on wheels has to fit on its trailer "foundation". Unless you want to deal with oversized load permits, stick to highway-legal standards.
Finding a place for your "Tiny":
  • Lease or buy land
  • Ask Friends and Family
  • Search for campsites
  • Find a local Tiny Home community
  • Less floor and storage Space
  • Harder to entertain guests
  • Needs frequent cleaning
  • Zoning restrictions can limit possible parking spots
  • No space to expand your family
  • Lack of privacy can become a mental health issue
  • Custom-built Tiny Houses can get expensive
Sustaining an average lifestyle with a house, car and other material posessions that you think you need, puts you under constant financial pressure and prevents you from spending your time doing things that make you happy, like being with family and friends or practicing your hobbies.
Typical Tiny Houses require 98% less energy than average households:
  • Less space to heat
  • Often completely off-grid by relying on solar panels, rain water collection and composting toilets
  • Built with reusable materials

Chapter 1

What is a Tiny House?

There is no official definition of a Tiny House, it is thought of as a small house, typically sized under 500 square feet. Most Tiny Houses are built on trailers. This style of tiny house is often referred to as a "THOW" (Tiny House On Wheels).

Chapter 2

Shapes of
Tiny Houses

Even though Tiny Houses are tiny, there is an immense range of poissibilities when it comes to shapes. Most Tiny Houses are custom-built, allowing you to adapt your home to your own needs.

A modern Tiny House

A log cabin

Chapter 3

A Tiny House from Inside

In apartments where every square foot counts, lofted beds can act as both a stylish and space-saving element. Lots of furniture can be used in a multi-functional way. You can have your furniture custom-made so that it fits perfectly.

Chapter 4

Tiny House Plans

Tiny House plans might not be for everyone, but for some, it forces them to establish consumption boundaries and keep only the things that matter most.



Chapter 5

Downsides of going Tiny

Moving into a Tiny House means adopting a drastically different lifestyle to what most people consider "normal". Here are some disadvantages to consider.

Chapter 6

Upsides of a Tiny House

Many disadvantages of Tiny Houses can also be considered advantages - sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective.

The End

Now that you have reached the end of this journey, hopefully you realize that downsizing your home doesn't mean downgrading your life. Let's go tiny!

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